Jan 12, 2010

"Ralphy Baby"

As Most of you know... I'm getting married this week! (Because I have been reminding you weekly for the past year via my Facebook Status!) I am a little excited...can you tell?

Most girls will tell you that they have been dreaming of this day since they were a little girl. I too have been that way...except... I haven't only been dreaming... I've been PLANNING. I can remember the day like it was yesterday, My best friend Sarah and I were going on vacation with my family to Hilton Head...and for fun we bought our first EVER addition of Modern Bride. We went through the magazine from cover to cover and picked out EVERY detail. Our dresses, our man's tuxes, our china pattern, bridesmaid dresses, honeymoon locations, etc. I still have the copy of that addition of Modern Bride...and it's fun to go back and look at our hilarious choices. Those who are in my wedding...be glad I didn't stick to my original plans....you would be wearing light pink with bows!

Ralph Lauren had a ad in the magazine with a dreamy guy leaning up against a vintage sports car in a tux... and we named him Ralphy Baby. Since 12 years old... I've been waiting on my very own "Ralphy Baby".... and I must say... it was well worth the wait! On Sunday, I will officially be "Mrs. Ralphy Baby Simms!"

If I am out of the loop for the next few weeks...I'm sure you will understand why...but with that being said.... I will return with great restaurant reviews from California and hopefully pictures from our special day.

Signing off for the last time as...
Beth Treado :)


  1. Well worth the wait!!! I am so excited for your wedding weekend. It's going to be perfect!! See you in 3 days!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

  2. Beth...I remember you and Sarah upstairs tearing out pictures of frilly bridesmaid dresses. It was so cute. I can vouch that you have been planning since you were a little girl. Can't wait for this weekend!!!Doc and I are excited about getting away...yes...even after 30 years!!!!!