Nov 22, 2012

Begin as you Mean to Go...

Today is Thanksgiving. A day celebrated by food.Thanksgiving to me, has always been about food.

I was so busy tending to Grady today, that I never got a picture of our food table. There must have been 15 different casseroles/veggies on it. All of which used to be apart of my "former life". Did I eat them today? YES! But I can honestly say that I ate very small portions and I did not go back for seconds. It's amazing after you stop eating a certain way and then revert back to "your old ways" how different you feel after a meal. I can truly tell you that when I was eating processed foods on a daily basis--- I constantly felt full and miserable after a meal.Since changing my eating habits, I now walk away satisfied and content. never thought I'd be writing that word when talking about food! It's so incredible to me how much I truly never took the time to "think" about what I was putting in my mouth. I allowed my cravings to control me. If I felt like fast food--- I'd go get fast food, if I felt like chocolate---I'd go to the vending machine and grab a snickers. Yes, I knew it wasn't good for me---but there was always "tomorrow". If you've ever struggled with your weight, I'm sure you can totally relate with me here. I would justify whatever I wanted to eat---saying that, "Oh I'll start eating better... TOMORROW!" Well tomorrow would come and go...and change would never happen.

I have stayed away from all things fried since September 1st. I really think this is what has made the biggest impact on my weight loss. It wasn't easy at first to never have fries or chicken fingers (considering that is truly one of my all time favorite meals)---but it has become second nature to me now, to just order something else. I had a huge breaking point this past week. I went to pick up lunch for Brian and his Dad at one of my old frequent fast food stops--where everything they have on their menu is fried. The smell that consumed my car of chicken fingers and fries honestly made me sick. Whatever craving I had for either of those two things while sitting in the drive thru was quickly erased.

I have really struggled to find snacks for Grady that aren't processed. I can see why we (society) never think twice about what we offer our kids. The things that they make for kids are one thing--- Convenient! I have broken down and given him Goldfish (the kid could live off of them) and Nutra Grain bars. He also loves 100% whole wheat Graham Crackers (can only find these at Whole Foods), no sugar Applesauce and Cheerios. I need to get better about "thinking and planning ahead" for him. I need to carve out time from my schedule to get in the kitchen and make him some things to have on-hand like homemade cheese crackers and whole wheat pancakes.... now if I could only find the time to do it! I will keep you posted on that one.

The holidays will be tough for me---within the next month I go on a cruise for work, attend and host several parties and then add in Christmas and New Years on top of all of that. There will be lots of sugar and butter in the days ahead! I am really going to have to remain faithful and walk away from things at times. (which is easier said than done.. I am going to miss my Trader Joes Peppermint Joe Joes!) I had set the goal for myself that I would like to loose 20 pounds before Christmas. The Lord had different plans---I woke up this morning and got on the scale---and I was officially down 21 pounds! I think he has humor like that---knowing that I was praying for something that was weeks away---but instead allowing me to see how much my faithfulness and hard work have already paid off!

So as you can read.. we're still on the "whole foods/clean eating" way of life... Best decision we've made in a long time! If you've been thinking of making the switch---JUST DO IT!  Keep in mind that nothing is easy at first---but after time, it becomes the only way you know. We have a saying in our small group that has really changed my thought process in life... "Begin as you mean to Go." How true is that---in EVERY aspect of our I leave you on this Thanksgiving with that saying... "Begin As You Mean to Go!".....

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